The Avalanche Brand Growers Association

The Purpose 

To grow the Freshwell Avalanche brand and to create individual and collective wealth and brand value.

The Principles

We believe the Avalanche cultivar can and should be branded We believe that working together is better than acting individually We believe the relationship between supply and demand should be managed carefully in the interest of the brand We believe the brand value is our greatest intangible asset. Generally accepted Corporate Governance principles apply. 

The Concept

This is a voluntary association bound together by its shared beliefs, values and a common purpose New members are proposed and elected by existing members Membership commences when a member accepts the CHAORDIC values and structure Membership lapses when a member fails to uphold the principles and the values 

The Structure

The structure of the association is flat and brand-centric All members have the same rights and obligations Decision making is consensual The group is more important than the individual The global purpose is more important than local optima 

The People & Practice

The founding members of the association are:

The organisational form is virtual