Value Proposition for Retailers

Generic values (What we must have)

  • A 1st grade potato

Expected values (What retailers expect)

  • Well sorted
  • Washed or unwashed
  • Researched packaging
  • Foodhealth standards
  • Traceability
  • Sustainable supply

Augmented values (What we promise now)

  • Freshwell Avalanche branding and brand management
  • Bar coding
  • 4,7 and 10kg packaging
  • Presentation (consumer appeal)
  • Point of sale support
  • Consumer intelligence

Potential values (What we promise in future)

  • Quality guarantees
  • Packed by
  • Sell by
  • EurepGAP

Freshwell Avalanche Adnatomy

  1. The BRAIN of our BRAND
    • Playback from the market place: Friends buy Freshwell Avalanche…
  2. The FACE of our BRAND
    • The Look and Feel that attracts attention: Work-in-progress
  3. The HEART of our BRAND
    • The promise that stirs the heart: Tastes better for longer
  4. The SPIRIT of our BRAND
    • The adpersona of the brand: Reliability