A collection of potato recipes from South African homes

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  1. Parsley flavoured mashed potatoes with tomato mince
  2. Mutton and spinach stew with mashed potato topping
  3. Bacon flavoured boiled potatoes
  4. Traditional baked potatoes
  5. Bean and potato cakes
  6. Beef and potato stew
  7. Chutney flavoured potatoes and mince
  8. Green and white salad
  9. Gherkin flavoured potato salad
  10. Ideal light lunch meal
  11. Potato and baked bean bake
  12. Nutritional Saturday lunch
  13. Potato chips
  14. Potato boats with spinach filling
  15. All-in-one potato meal
  16. Chicken giblets with potatoes and vegetables
  17. Tuna and potato delight
  18. Bacon and mushroom potato bake
  19. Potato bake with cheesy topping
  20. Mashed potato with mealie meal
Recipes tried and tested by Mathilda Pansegrouw, renowned Home Economist

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  1. What u need 2 know about potatoes
  2. Funky finger food
  3. Breakfast
  4. Light Meals
  5. Salads
  6. Side dishes
  7. Soup
  8. Main meals
Quick, easy & lekker recipes for young people