Gary Vorster

Gary Vorster and his wife Wendy have been farming for the past 20 years at Gatberg, on the farms O’Dairn, Glen Garry and Avondblom, situated between the towns of Elliot and Ugie in the North Eastern Cape.

Being a mountain area at an altitude of 1250 m above sea level, the weather is typical to that of the Highveld with high rainfall in summer. Winter months are generally very cold with snow from time to time.

Other farming activities consist of growing maize and soya beans as a rotational crop, and beef.

Planting of potatoes start around August every year, with scheduled spray and maintenance programs until January when it’s harvested.

Seed potatoes are kept in cooler rooms up and until required and supplied to buyers. Generally table potatoes are washed, sorted and packed by our dedicated staff to reach the fresh produce markets within 24 hours of harvesting.

On the farms there are some dams build, stocked with trout, as Gary is a highly skilled fly-fish fisherman, who as member of the Maclear fly-fishing club, supply venues and also guides for events.

Gary’s passion for fishing takes him to fishing spots all over the world.

A well known face on the farm is Gary and his dogs.

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 E mail:
 Cell:  083 271 3716
 Office :  +27 45 931 2442
 Fax:  +27 45 931 2440

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