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Potato Cultivar: Avalanche (Irish)

Avalanche is a high yielding medium to short growing cultivar (95-120days from emergence) Upright plants with sparse white flowers with pale blue centres, and characteristic “crinkle-cut” leaves. Has a very long dormancy period ( four months) effectively extending harvesting season.

Potato moderately susceptible to late and early blight, susceptible to leaf roll and YN virus.
Resistant to common scab On a scale of 1-9 where 9 is resistant and 1 is susceptible Avalanche registers 7.
Moderately resistant to silver scurf and anthracnose.

· Tubers have a round to oval shape with shallow eyes and white flesh, with tough white skin extending shelf life.
· Avalanche tubers demonstrate long dormancy 100-120 days under RSA growing conditions.
· Pre-sprouted tubers produce 20-30 tubers per stool.
· Avalanche tubers set deep in the soil profile, generally below seed level.  At harvest set the lifter deeper.
· Avalanche tubers are less susceptible to tuber-moth and greening due to the deep  set.
· Avalanche does not easily develop internal brown fleck. 
· Watering Avalanche for 3 weeks after tuber initiation minimises sand splits and encourages tuber set and size.
· Topdressing of N should take place within 40 days of emergence as the cultivar tends to bulk early. If there is a shortage of N at this stage the plants will be more suseptable to early blight.

Avalanche is a cultivar with excellent marketing qualities - 

· White flesh.
· Smooth skin shallow eyes.
· Firm texture. Excellent taste. 
· Not susceptible to after cooking blackening
· Excellent for French fries.
· Avalanche does not bruise easily promoting extended shelf life.